The Day of the Owl :)

A few days ago, while the sun was still dim and snow was still sitting on the tips and light branches of the pine trees, my son had a fun moment. Bug loves owls and we have heard them many times over the evenings and years in the yurt. I have come to recognize the different hoots and calls that different breeds of owls make and a few times we have been lucky enough to see an owl at night- such as sitting on the duck-house lusting after ducks- and sometimes at dusk... usually sitting high up in a far away tree so they are blurry and barely visible. But on this day, Bug had his own 'Harry Potter' experience and found an owl sitting in a close tree in the middle of the day.
And gosh, wasn’t he beautiful? He stuck around for a few minutes and then flew to a far away tree. What a pleasure and a blessing for Bug!

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