Self Reflection Collage

Here is two views of my finished product:

So here is a copy of my final art project. My silhouette is completed with more emphasis the disparate parts within the body- even though I think that most of the separation is really in my mind and attitude. My body has very little color because while I am not goth, I tend to where only dark colors no matter how often good friends have tried to get me to do otherwise. My hair is stringy and full of curls and craziness because that is the way my hair tends to be which is why it is always tied back and away from my face and skin- because my hair is so crazy I pretty much used gesture to create it while it is pretty obvious in other areas I was more careful with my line drawing. However, I feel more beautiful when it is down, hence, why I tried to leave it down in this work. My hands are folded to not only hold people and things back from me but to hold a book which is my favorite thing to do..... after cats. I am an animal fanatic and I have eight cats, five ferrets, and a hamster- all rescues with the exception of Desdemona the hamster. My son, cats, and reading are the highlights of my world... with an occasional eggnog for a treat. :)


  1. So, I think you did this a while ago. How would it be different today?

    (Not looking for a public answer; just giving you something to think about.)

  2. I actually do not like it very much. I think I look too macabre and I do not think this project really says very much about me. While I created it as a self -reflection... I feel like it says so little about me that I think calling it a self reflection is a bit of a fib. Not sure exactly how I would change it though.. although I look at this and crave pastels and 'wave' movements. Not sure what that means.