Gesture/ Figure Drawing

I need some good critique because I do not feel like I have this idea down at all. I ended up moving to newspaper for more practice with charcoal because I was going through charcoal and paper like tap water. So I feel like I have practice but i do not feel like I really have the full idea of gesture at all. I think that part of it is that I do not feel able to ignore all detail. Even when I think that I am, I look at the finished product and realize I have added detail. I used one of my pets sitting in a chair as a model as well as the figure and gesture site attached to the homework site. I only used charcoal and I picked what i thought was the 'best' of the dozens I completed.


  1. They look interesting, certainly. I recommend learning to view objects by their shapes, deconstructing them into pieces you can do one by one. An example I can think of is viewing the head as a sphere and the face as an oval or other shape on the front (As you can tell it's a hard skill to learn and more so to explain. Googling tutorials along with skill will greatly help!) And of course, practice practice practice! It takes a lot of time to get far, but in the long run it is very rewarding.

  2. I need to spend more time practicing. I have this bizarre thought in my head that you should not create art until you are great at it... which is a really ridiculous and unrealistic viewpoint. Thank you for the motivation to keep practicing! :)