Snow Day

Today was a day of fun and work. The work started at 7 am when I got dressed and headed outside to shovel the walk and get the car out of the drifts. I'm terrible at shoveling- my shoulders are torn up and my knees are a pain, but I turned on some music and got it done. I have developed a list of music that is my 'work/ exercise music and it made the shoveling feel less burdensome. Most of the songs on my list I have discovered either in classes or discussing totalitarian regimes so this is an odd list, but here was my working music this morning. If you do not understand the German language, you may struggle to understand the lyrics to about half of the following list.

Die Toten Hosen - Tage Wie Diese
- Traurig einen Sommer Lang
- Altes Fieber
- Zwei Drittel Liebe
- Reiß Dich los
- Alles hat seinen Grund

Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born to Follow

Green Day - Warning
- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
- American Idiot
- 21 Guns

The rest of the day was spent with Rob and Bug in Bangor doing a little bit of shopping and then back home to spent almost two hours on the phone with my ex health insurer. I head to sleep tired, but the day started with a loud scream of music and got my body moving fast enough to push past the joint pain that clings to my every movement like a sweater. So if you are interested, I linked a video to every song listed above. I highly recommend the full album by Die Toten Hosen titled Ballast der Republik- it's a lovely listen almost any time if you enjoy punk rock. I sometimes fall asleep listening to "Tage Wie Diese" and feel my lips miming the now familiar syllables as my consciousness fades away.

What music puts you in the mood or at least gives you the energy for significant physical labor? What do you listen to when shoveling snow?

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