Where I should be... and where I am at- Nutritionally Speaking

So this semester I am taking a nutrition class. One assignment was to write down where nutrient, vitamin and mineral wise I should be... and then after recording an average days worth of food and breaking it down to see how I fit. I did this without adding in the multivitamin that I am fairly bad at remembering to take. Am I eating what I need on an average day or not? (I am sticking with the basics and not adding phytochemicals, etc...)

I am a 36 yo female, therefore I need for good health.....

700u Vitamin A
75mg Vitamin C
5u Vitamin D
15mg Vitamin E
90u Vitamin K
1.1mg Thiamin
1.1mg Riboflavin
14mg niacin
1.3mg Vitamin B6
400u Foliate
2.4u Vitamin B-12
5mg Pantothenic Acid
30u biotin
425mg Choline
1000mg calcium
25u chromium
900u copper
3mg fluoride
150u iodine
18mg iron
320mg magnesium
1.8mg manganese
45u molybdenum
700mg phosphorus
55u selenium
8mg zinc

That seemed fairly easy to come up with. So I recorded my food for the day... and this is what I came up with....

Total calories - 1776
Total carbs - 233 grams
Total fat - 50 grams
Total protein - 53 grams
Total sugar - 49 grams
Sodium - 1449 mg
Potassium - 2163 mg
Fiber - 29.5 grams
Vitamin C - 110.2mg
Vitamin A - 956u
Vitamin E - 5.6u
Iron - 10.84 mg
Calcium - 140 mg
Thiamin - 0.19 mg
Riboflavin - 0.428 mg
Niacin - 9 mg
Foliate - 74.2u
Phosphorus - 486 mg
Magnesium - 133.8 mg
Zinc - 10.05 mg
Vitamin B6 - 1.16mg
Vitamin B12 - 2.5u

Not a good report, really. Yes a few things were high or close to target, but egad.... everything else was low or absent entirely (twelve were completely absent). One thing I can do- I think I will get better about taking my vitamins. I did a fairly good job at following the pyramid too, but vegetables were lacking. Fruit was great as I got five servings of that and beans 'count' as veggies, but I am clearly missing a few things that I am supposed to have... which shouldn’t be a surprise with my food allergies. This list also doesn't take into account essential fatty acids and other very necessary nutrients. It look like if I try and pick up a green veggie everyday and my multi-vitamin I will be closer to where I need to be. For those of you foodies out there, what else can I do?

And to pick on my readers... how are you doing in this regard? Can I challenge you to write down your food for the day and try and figure out where you are- I am willing to help! :)


  1. This is pretty cool! What do i need to record? Is there a site you used to find out how much of everything you need, ect? I would be willing to try this, If i can remember to write it down, lol.

  2. Carolyn- my oath to you. Take two days and record everything water and all. If you eat from a can type in the servings you ate and the stuff in it- if it says (iron 3%) write that down. If you do not know because it is a mix of things that you made home made give me the recipe. I will do the math for you and privately give you the results. I will go the same for your children if you wish(but guess how much of everything they ate (1/4 cup etc....) I owe you much... this is but a small service.