How Well Do You Know Yourself?

In one of my classes, we were given this quiz from the book "True North". It was a really interesting quiz and the rules are that you take the quiz yourself... and then give a few copies to trusted friends or family and ask them to rate you. (Remember, you can't get angry at them if they don't answer the way you want to! This is to help you grow :) I have put the quiz here so that you may try it!

Rate yourself from 1 to 10 – with 10 being very, 5 being moderately and 1 being barely

How self confident are you?

How aware are you of your moods and emotions?

How effective are you in regulating your moods to minimize their impact on other people?

When confronted with situations that are displeasing to you, how well do you take the time to think clearly about them before responding or reacting?

When you receive critical feedback from others, how well are you able to take in the feedback and respond in a constructive manner without acting defensively?

How well do you understand the emotional makeup of others and their needs?

How sensitive are you in relating to other's needs and helping them?

How skillful are you in building lasting relationships?

How well do you network with others and create networks of people with common interests?

How effective are you in leading teams?

Do others follow your lead voluntarily?

How persuasive are you in convincing others of your mutual interests?

How do your answers compare to the answers from your family/friends? Is there something that you would change about yourself? What are your thoughts?

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