Highlights from my Summer

Boy, this has been a crazy year... for me at least. But even with the yuckiness and the trials that have caused me much distraction and grief, I have had some brief moments of awe and joy. I thought I would share a few and it comes as no surprise to me that most of these moments contained animals or nature in them. So here they are:

1. I got to spend a bit of time weeding this summer for some extra money. The time out in the sun was wonderful and I got to really see a few fun things. I got to see a monarch butterfly,

The longest worm ever!

Small juvenile foxes running along the road looking for food....

Frogs with amazing voices- loud and clear!

Large spiders just hanging out in midair....

Huge amounts of ants and pupae moving along the ground....

Tiny toads in the grass.

Newts hiding in the grass and the wet

And the smallest slug I have ever seen in my life!

A few things were really memorable and remind me why I live in a rural area. I saw:

a hidden duck nest

huge blossoming plants of daisies... they are my favorite flower!

Seals near the shore where I was working. They would come several morning in a row and just play in the surf and the shallows. It was beautiful and I am sorry that I wasn't able to get a picture except for the disturbance in the water after the seal have reentered the water.

The pasture that I have been trying to grow is doing very well... almost too well as the plants grow so quickly and thick that I do not keep up and I end up with grasses and flowers as tall if not taller than me.

I had some of the priesthood over to cut wood late this summer and it was such a blessing. It was also amazing to see how much wood so many of them would carry at once. It makes me smile. :)

Bug had a great summer. Our blackberry bushes were abundant and he enjoyed filling large containers of berries.

Bug also experimented with making donuts and I was the happy recipient of his labors. He happily fed me donuts until I didn't feel like I could eat any more. It was wonderful!

How was your summer? Do you have an experience that was wonderful and inspiring that you would like to share? What blessings did you have?

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