"A Crochet Mystery" series by Betty Hechtman

This series follows the life and amateur sleuthing of character Molly Pink. She works in a bookstore and participates in a crochet group and helps solve murder mysteries on the side. There are colorful characters which include a celebrity, an over the top flamboyant knitter, and male model turned businessman.

I tend to find that it is pretty easy for me to love 'cozy' mysteries so I really tried to give this series a good shot. After reading four of the books, I can't escape a few facts. I just couldn't enjoy the series because I could not find a way to empathize or identify with any of the characters with the possible exception of Dinah who is Molly Pink's best friend.

I have highlighted the books I read below in the list:

A Crochet Mystery Series

1. Hooked on Murder (2008)

2. Dead Men Don't Crochet (2008)

3. By Hook or By Crook (2009)

4. A Stitch in Crime (2009)

5. You Better Knot Die (2010)

6. Behind the Seams (2011)

7. If Hooks Could Kill (2012)

8. For Better or Worsted (2013)

9. Knot Guilty (2014)

10. Seams Like Murder (2016)

11. Hooking for Trouble (2016)

12. On The Hook (2018)

She also has written five books in a knitting series, but I haven't read any of them. I'm probably not going to as I really didn't find myself very enthralled with the series I did read a few books from. If you have read any of her books I would be interested on your take. I rarely dislike a book so I am a bit disappointed that I didn't like these. So please feel free to chime on in with your opinions of the novels if you have experienced them. I'm curious for other viewpoints.

I'm starting a series by Virginia Lowell. Maybe I will like that series better.


  1. I love that series, maybe because I crochet?

  2. That could be it maybe, but I enjoyed reading about the crocheting and knitting. I really just couldn't develop any kind of relationship with the characters and that's what turned me off of the books. The background and the environment / setting that the author created was compelling... I just couldn't get the characters to really fit for me.