Thoughts on HealthyComputing.com….

I think this site would be very useful for people who do not know a lot about computer and body ergonomics and if you are having some problems that you think are based on using your computer, check it out.... :)

I spent forty minutes looking over the site http://www.healthycomputing.com. My first inclination was to not find the site very interesting. I am having some significant health issues right now so the first section I checked out was the ‘Your Health’ section and I didn't find anything that seemed to fit me very well. I looked at all four sections and I copied out the stretches- I think that I have accidentally been doing those stretches pretty often over the last few years, but I thought I would put the copy on my fridge and remind myself about doing them more often. Under 'conditions and treatments' only one thing really was pertinent to me and has been pertinent since I was a wee child and that was myopia with slight astigmatism. I am extremely blind/ near sighted without my glasses and so it was interesting to read that my eyesight could be getting worse due to computer use. I haven’t found that it’s really getting worse over the last several years and I do use the computer a lot, but I know that my near vision should be changing soon simply due to age. When human beings reach their forties, the lens in the eye loses its ability to perform ‘accommodation’ which makes the near vision more challenging or harder to use… hence bifocals or reading glasses. Did I mention I am not looking forward to that?!?!?!

I also looked at 'Causes of Discomfort' but I didn’t see any that I tend to have troubles with over the several sections in it. I’m grateful for that! So I didn’t find this site terrible useful, but only because I have already been fairly well educated in the topic. I am determined to not need carpel tunnel surgery for as long as possible. So to sum up, I found the stretching information very interesting and printed it out for future use, but didn't find much of the rest of the information pertinent to me. :)

How about you?

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