The Nun Files: Beginning Discussion and Diary

Well, I have finally finished the transcription! Between everything else going on, it took me all summer. I will admit that I am glad that it is done and I can turn it in... and be able to share it with you... and my teacher who I am sure is just dying to grade it! OK, maybe that's not true. :)

So I am going to break the interview into a few parts because the interview as transcribed is almost fifty pages long - not double spaced. For those of you who are interested in buying the book that this beautiful sister has written(which both myself and my son adore) please look at the fifth and final transcription post for details. You can also leave a comment with an email address for me and I will make sure that you get the information if you need more specific information. All the money made from the books goes to a great cause which is described near the end of the fifth post on the interview.

Interview Diary

The interview was conducted in the convent kitchen. As the convent is a small home set up for one person, it is a very cozy place. Before the official interview, we introduced ourselves to each other and had some light chat about each other. We gave some basic facts about each other and our likes and lives. The kitchen was pleasantly lived in. Not austere and empty like I might have expected. It was warm, comfortable and the perfect interview spot. The interview occurred over a period of about four hours with some breaks due to convent business- it goes without saying that a nun has very few 'days off.' All recording breaks have been marked on the transcript and the recording was paused to be sure to keep the anonymity of those who were calling for personal and private reasons. The interview was performed in the kitchen with almost no movement- any movement is marked on the transcript. Just two women having a comfortable chat with large mugs of tea. It was a great time and very enlightening! I appreciated the opportunity. :)

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